A Little Lovely Company: A Combo of Cuteness & Practicality


Dutch moms Judith de Ruijter and Nikki Hateley had one goal in mind when they founded their ‘little’ company: to transform mundane objects in your kids’ rooms into ones oozing creativity and uniqueness.

And whilst A Little Lovely Company from the Netherlands might have started out as just that – a cute, little venture – it gained worldwide popularity and trust in a very short time. It doesn’t really come as a surprise after you see their super fun collection!

These lights are their signature pieces, and with one lamp cuter than the other we’re definitely spoilt for choice!

Just look at these adorable pears and tell us your heart isn’t melting!

The perfect nightlight for your littlest dwellers. These mini-lights give off a lovely soft glow that promises to send your tiny star-gazers straight to dreamland! And when they do? Don’t worry, the eco-friendly lamps come with a timer too!

No need to settle for just one. Mix and match different designs for an even prettier result!

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These cloud lamps have got to be one of our favorite designs by A Little Lovely Company. With their darling rosy cheeks and adorable smiles, no wonder these kids are smitten!

Why not pick the sky as a theme for your kids’ bedroom? Judith and Nikki will sort you out in no time! They’ve cleverly designed different-sized cloud lights, cloud blocks, hooks, cushions, posters, and even backpacks!

But lamps aren’t the only stellar collection in A Little Lovely Company’s portfolio. They’ve also embraced some vintage charm with their fun lamp boxes, perfect for any age!

Available in different sizes and colors these decorative lights are as fun as they are adorable-looking! Letters and symbols come enclosed, just let your kiddos’ imagination go wild...You might be surprised with the awesome messages they conjure up!

But like we said, the enjoyment factor isn’t just reserved for the littles, you can have a blast creating your own messages, giving a boost of retro charm to any corner of the house!

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