10 Arts & Crafts Toys Your Nifty Little Ones Need (for You to Get a Few Minutes of Peace!)


You know that blissful but panicky feeling you get when an always-noisy house suddenly goes quiet? And you think, “What are the kids up to?” Well, we’ve sourced 10 arts and crafts toys that’ll achieve the same silencing result without having you worry about mischief!

These godsends are a foolproof way of keeping your children engaged and entertained, with the added bonus of developing their creative skills! No more kids bored at grown-up dinner parties, long car rides and tedious holidays!

Sentosphere Patarev Maxi Kit Zoo

Look at those cute, fluffy animals. Now just imagine your beaming kids when they’re finished creating them! 20 different-colored ‘caterpillar’ rods and Patarev clay ready for your mini artisans to form their favorite animals, plume and all!

Patarev clay is truly a mom’s dream come true. Doesn’t stain or stick to fingers or table, and dries in open air within 24 hours. So not only will your kids be engaged for hours, but they also won’t create a mess!

Sentosphere Shamballa Star Bracelets

Bringing home some Tibetan-inspired art! A hobby kit that includes shimmery cords and different beads for your little weavers to create unique bracelets with! Ones they’ll be more than happy to display on their wrists or give you or their friends as a present!

Apart from keeping them busy for hours on end, what’s so great about this toy is that it’ll bring out your kiddos’ personality, as every piece they design will be a symbol of their own creativity!

4M Mould & Paint / Fridge Magnets

A wonderfully unique toy that encourages your littles to work with their hands and use their creative skills (whilst giving mommy some me-time!)

Kit includes all the necessary items to make cute, brightly-colored fridge magnets. After their careful creations are complete your kiddos can decide to either display their work on your fridge or give as gifts to friends.

In fact they’re particularly perfect as party favors – a great way to get your tots actively involved in the party planning!

Playon Set of Crayons – Primary Colors

Not enough can be said about these stumpy favorites! Sculptural crayons with the aim of making coloring an even more playful activity.

Think normal crayons, and add a dash of quirky fun. Instead of the usual stick shape, Playon have mixed it up, creating a hollow cone with a bulbous end. An awesome shape that makes the crayons stackable and spin rather than roll away!

Mix a tower-building game with some drawing, and you’ve got yourself one super absorbed kiddo!

OMY Paper Coloring Placemat – Citymap

We’re no mind-readers, but this is probably a toy you’ve been wishing for ever since you’ve had your first taste of bored-kid-during-dinner-party.

Coloring placemats that guarantee to keep your kids busy at restaurants, your friends’ dinner parties or even playdates. Your artists can choose a city of their liking – Paris, London, NYC, Berlin, Tokyo or Barcelona – and not only keep preoccupied during “lame” events but also learn about their city of choice as they color away its landmarks!

eeBoo Bunny Pom Pom

An adorable and original craft set with 36 different-sized pompoms in various hues. Perfect for all types of creative tots.

If they’re the kind to thrive on structured play they’ll be happy to attempt the project ideas found at the back. If they’re more of a free spirit they can use those ideas as inspiration to do their own thing!

Whichever type of artist they are this pom pom set is sure to encourage them to experiment and improvise.

eeBoo Learn to Draw Animals

The absolute perfect gift for budding artists. Renowned illustrator Kevin Hawkes created this step-by-step guidebook to drawing animals in a realistic style. This detailed and easy to follow book will keep your young ones positively hooked as they learn awesome tricks to drawing different creatures.

A book like this will also do wonders in increasing your kiddos’ concentration span! Not to mention the sheer joy of having learnt a skill ‘all by themselves’ with pretty products to prove it!

4M Fairy Stamp Factory

We can all agree kids love adding their own special touch to stationery, be it cards, notebooks or journals. Make it easier for them to stamp their personality on their favorite things with this stamp-making kit.

The stamp factory comes complete with clay and moulds, all ready for your mini designers to create their own special stamp collection! We guarantee the process will be just as much fun and enthralling for your kiddos as seeing the final product!

4M 3D Art Creative Spiral Fun

If your tots find it hard to concentrate on something for a good stretch of time, you might be surprised with how engrossing they’ll find this creative kit!

It’s a classic art tool that allows them to make fascinatingly intricate patterns. What’s more, the kit includes 3D glasses so they can see their special designs pop up from the page! We promise your little architects will have oodles of fun drawing away (actually, the whole family will want to have a go!)

4M Easy-to-Make Embroidery Stitches

An award-winning, delightfully enthralling kit for your nifty youngsters. It teaches them 10 different stitching skills, getting them ready to embroider and embellish to their hearts’ content!

The kit is super easy to use so it’s perfect for your novice tailors and seamstresses! It comes with easy-to-follow instructions and useful outline stencils to help your littles become masters of the trade. Get ready for everything in the house to get an embroidery-makeover!