Want to know what makes a good baby playmat or activity gym? First, and foremost, safety - never compromise on that. But the best ones offer so much more. They are perfect for tummy time, they help babies reach developmental milestones, and they have a sophisticated design that elevates your home decor.

Here, you’ll find a complete range of high-quality playmats and activity gyms that have all the features and qualities you’ve been looking for. Choose from puzzle playmats, quilted cotton playmats, foam playmats, machine-washable rugs, and much more!

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Puzzle Playmats

Safety. Check! Style. Check! Functionality. Check!

These puzzle playmats check all the boxes. They come in trendy plain colors and lively patterns to inspire your baby to explore. And as a bonus, they’re expandable!

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Quilted Cotton Playmats

Quilted cotton playmats deliver a winning combination of purity, style, and functionality. Each one is made of skin-safe organic cotton and comes with a washable cover you can toss in the washing machine for easy cleanup! Get yours in multiple shapes and eclectic European designs that elevate your space.

Foam Playmats

You and your baby are sure to love foam playmats! They’re thick and soft for hours of safe and comfortable play, and they’re done in beautiful shades to complement your decor. Plus, they wipe clean in seconds!

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Activity Gyms

It's essential for babies to play in a secure and stimulating environment. A safe, versatile activity gym is just what your baby needs for active play. Take your pick of several gyms, including those with hanging animals, music, and more.

Kids Yoga Mats

Need a yoga mat for your little one? These kids yoga mats provide light cushioning to minimize injury and are made of recycled tree rubber, free of dangerous compounds. Get yours in a fun multicolored print or a trendy solid hue.

Play Mattresses

Every little angel deserves a comfy, cozy area to play and rest. Floor mattresses work like a charm for playtime, bedtime, sleepovers, and more. And when things get messy, remove the machine washable cover and pop it in the washing machine. How’s that for convenience?

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Machine-Washable Rugs

Wherever babies hang out, messes are bound to happen. That’s where machine-washable rugs shine! Browse here for an elevated selection of decorative rugs that double as playmats for babies of all ages. Get your rug in either cotton or wool!

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