Prepare for Takeoff: Top 10 Educational Space Toys for Your Little Astronomers


Do you have a kid who loves all things celestial? Asking about outer space, aliens, stars and planets with seemingly endless questions?

Feed their enthusiasm! Engage your kids more and bring the whole family to participate in an unforgettable universal encounter. Transform your home into a little planetarium with these awesome stuffs for kids who love to explore beyond our planet!

Are you ready? 3 ...2 ...1 ... blast off!

Petit Collage Magnetic Scene – Space

Ready, set, lift-off! With the Petit Collage Magnetic Scene – Space, your child will feel like they are on a space mission. Everything your mini space adventurer needs, they will find in this sturdy box. 

They can use the two different backgrounds and over 50 magnetic play pieces included in the kit to create all the space scenes they can imagine!

Janod Magnetic Dart Game – Robots

The space robots are here and they must be defeated! This inventive game will bring out your child’s dexterity and concentration as they try to hit the targets using the special magnetised darts.

When not in use, the board can be rolled up and stored in its box or left on the wall for decoration and easy access for impromptu games.

Petit Collage Pop-Out – Space

Effortless space fun with the Petit Collage Pop-Out – Space kit! By simply pressing out the pieces from the sturdy boards and setting them up, your child will create their own playset and immerse themselves in a space-themed adventure while developing important skills.

And when they’re done playing for the day, the colourful pieces can adorn any room and bring smiles to small faces.

Oskar and Ellen Spaceship

Every little kid has wondered about spaceships and rockets. If you want to make their space adventure dreams come true, this toy has got you covered!

The package includes rocket ship, two astronauts with removable oxygen tubes, two martians, a flying saucer, and a space play mat brilliantly embroidered with planets and stars.

Janod Rocket Magnetic Kits

Meet the genius astronaut inside, as your young scientist rockets his/her way to the universe! This wooden rocket toy improves motor skills and problem solving skills too.

Aside from take off, this can be used as a challenging 3D puzzle when you disassemble it and assemble them back with magnets. Choose from small, medium and giant or have them all!

Baghera Speedster Space Cab

Can't keep up with your child's inner adventurous self? Give him a memory he can't forget with this special ride-on speedster. It has a soft padded seat, sturdy metal body that reminds them of the galaxy and high quality rubber tires.

Now, you can tell your young explorers to drive their way to outer space and meet the planets and constellations. But don't forget to buckle up!

4M 3D Solar System Model Making Kit

It’s time to satisfy your little astronomers’ curiosity. Give them a brand new experience by building this innovative three-dimensional solar system model making kit with them.

Hang it and make them wonder in awe, as the planets revolve and glow in the dark! Indeed, a moment with this aesthetic solar system mobile is worth remembering.

Oskar and Ellen Height Chart Space

Your young astronomer is looking forward to growing taller. And when they do, you can make this little celebration worth remembering by having this height chart with its space residents!

You can even use each character to mark your child's growth or reach your height goals. They are detachable too in case your kids want to take them into their space undertakings!

4M Kidz Labs / Create A Night Sky Projection Kit

Let your kids dream of stars and constellations with this illuminated projection dome in their bedroom.

Now, you don't have to go out to see the stars in the evening! It will always be a peaceful, starry night for your little astronomers as you tell them outer space stories at bedtime.

Depesche Colouring Book Space Fun

Step up your kids' coloring fun time with this realistic 24-page coloring book by Depesche. Find exciting modern designs of space shuttles, fights in the universe, aliens, rockets and loads of other things! It also includes 2 foil sticker sheets & 4 paper sticker sheets, which gives your young explorer other options when bored.