7 Toys to Get Kids Psyched about Our Planet Earth


Getting kids curious about what the neighboring countries of Hong Kong are, or what the capital of Australia is, or even where in the world Lichtenstein is ... well, it might prove to be a bit of an ordeal without some visual and tactile support.

Luckily, we’ve got your geo novices sorted. Here are 7 awesome map toys to turn your little ones into mini Columbuses!

Janod Animals Magnetic World Map

A big brightly colored magnetic map with over 200 magnets to place. Particularly great for introducing endemic animals and traditional clothes to your youngsters, in a fun, hands-on experience.

What’s so great about it is that your little explorers can learn all about their home planet whilst on the go. That’s because the map is conveniently foldable with a handle at the top for either carrying around or happily displaying on the wall!

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Janod Hat Boxed Blue Planet Round Double Sided Puzzle 208pcs


This awesome puzzle has so many things going for it that it’s difficult not to instantly fall in love with it!

First of all it comes in an irresistibly charming package - a cute and sturdy hat box complete with carrying handle. Secondly, it’s a two-sided round puzzle featuring four continents on one side, two on the other.

A wonderful challenge for your budding cartographers, strengthening their problem solving skills through sensory processing.

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Janod Magnetic World Puzzle

A sort of combo of the first two maps on this list, this one is made up of magnetic map puzzle pieces featuring lots of things to see in different countries.

Ideal for kiddos to learn which countries go in which continent as well as what makes each country unique!

Hang it up like you would a picture frame and let your littles solve the puzzle standing – quite a novel and fun way to complete puzzles!

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Janod World Magneti’Stick

If you like the ‘hanging on the wall’ idea, you can take it a step further with this gigantic interactive wall decal.

It comes with over 100 magnets featuring people and animals for your tots to discover their habitat and location. A map that’ll definitely stimulate the senses, inspiring creativity and imaginative play.

And since it’s humongous it’s perfect for more than one kid to take on, encouraging your little adventurers to practise their social skills with their traveling companions!

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eeBoo World Map 100 Piece Puzzle

Missing the traditional? Such a list wouldn’t be complete without a timeless classic.

A surefire way of getting your tots curious about the world. Thick sturdy pieces to put together, all the while practising motor skills and problem solving skills.

Brightly illustrated, this puzzle features many landmarks and animals for your little wanderlusters to discover. A classic puzzle like this is always a crowd-pleaser, making it perfect for social, interactive play.

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Rex Inflatable World Globe

Talking about classics...your kiddos cannot miss out on this one! A proper inflatable world globe that’s as fun as it is educational!

This map is packed with detail so it’s even perfect for your older children, as it also features lakes, deserts, mountain ranges, tropic lines and degrees of latitude and longitude. Really and truly it’s a great study aid and a tonne of fun rolled into one!

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Oskar and Ellen Soft World Wall Map

An innovative design that stands out amongst the rest. Colorful and decorative, this fabric map can be hung on the wall.

What we love about this particular map are the little embroidered details that come with it, plus the many more you can acquire separately! A delightful sensory way to learn about the planet.

Choose from different sets including peopleanimals, flags, capital & continent, and landmarks, or get the whole collections to stick to the map for a more challenging and engaging experience!

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