11 Gifts Every Unicorn Lover Must Have


Who doesn’t love unicorns? These days the magical creatures are everywhere! So if you are looking for cool unicorn items for the magical creature in your life, we’ve got you covered.

Every unicorn lover is unique and special; this is why we’ve brought together an extensive collection of cool unicorn inspired items for every kid that have been enchanted by the unicorn.

 A Little Lovely Company Table Light Unicorn

Bring an enchanting ambiance to your kid’s room with this color changing unicorn table light. Powered by LED bulb this Dutch designed table light made by A Little Lovely Company is perfect for every room.

This table light operates with an adaptor and turns off in 15 minutes. We can’t think of anything more adorable and magical to keep on your kid’s bedside; it also serves as a piece of decorating accessory on a shelf. 

A Little Lovely Company Snowglobe Light Unicorn

The limited edition hand-painted unicorn snowglobe light has a magical touch that transforms your kid’s room into a beautiful fortress with stylish changing color lights & bright glitters dancing around. 

A Little Lovely Company Bath Toy Unicorn

Turn your kid’s bath time to playtime with this adorable unicorn bath toy.

Your kid can easily submerge the little toy into the water, fill it with the bathwater and make it rain. What better way to brighten the room while your kid takes his or her bath.

A Little Lovely Company & RJB Stone Suitcase Unicorn

These unicorn suitcases are stylish bags that match well with any outfit and perfect for many occasions. They can also serve as a decorative storage that can complement your kid’s room.

Made from recycled cardboard by A Little Lovely Company & RJB Stone, the cute little suitcases are ideal for overnight visits to friends, grandma, picnics, and storing some of your other amazing toys.

RJB Stone Unicorn Lunch Bags

Make your lunchtime magical with these unicorn lunch bags from RJB Stone. The lunch bags come in a variety of beautiful designs including rainbow and starlight.

These lunch bags are made from aluminum foil which would keep your food fresh. And it has a zipper which ensures your meal stay intact while the double handles that come from nylon webbing make it convenient to carry around at all time.

BiBiB & Co Plush Trophy Disguise Unicorn

Transform into a beautiful, magical unicorn with a glittery horn that everyone has been talking about with this super cute Disguise Unicorn from BiBiB & Co.

The Disguise is made from plush and fits into any kid’s head, watch as your kid trot into the mystical world after wearing it. Even better, you can use the Unicorn Disguise as a cool bedspread or beautiful carpet.

Rice DK Hairband with Unicorn Horn 

Let your kids release their inner unicorn with Rice DK Unicorn Horn Hairband. The glittery horn is soft and completely safe to use for your kid.

Coming in slightly glittery gold or pink, perfect for party or playtime pieces. Though they are designed for kids, there is no reason why an adult can’t wear it too. 

Oskar and Ellen Fairy Cottage

Enter the magical Fairy Cottage where a unicorn and two cute fairies with detachable skirts and wings await your arrival. Inside the cottage is a Velcro hanger for the fairies wings and a mirror.

This lovely fairy cottage by Oskar and Ellen, a Swedish toy brand, also features flower boxes, window shutters, and moss on the chimney. 

A Mini Penny Unicorn Necklace


These are pretty pieces of necklaces that will make any true unicorn lover happy. Wear any of these genuinely magical necklaces from A Mini Penny and feel the extraordinary power that comes with it.

They are perfect for both kids and adult and come in different color, shapes, and sizes. The popular ones include the Unicorn 18k Gold, Unicorn Sterling Silver, and Unicorn Gold Necklace; the choice is yours.

Jellycat Bashful Unicorn with If I Were A Unicorn Book

The bashful Unicorn is full of magic and loves the forest, so she can be your cuddle buddy wherever you go. Would you like to know more about Bashful Unicorn and all the beautiful things she can do? Get Jellycat If I Were A Unicorn Book (attached with a fluffy tail) with the Bashful Unicorn to make a complete set. 

Both the toy and books have been tested to and pass the European Safety Standard for toys.



Blabla Kids Confetti the Unicorn

Handmade by expert Peruvian artisans, this happy Confetti the Unicorn from Blabla Kids has super soft contemporary design and is made from exceptional natural fibers: knitted with 100% cotton.

This sweet and cute character will brighten both your kid’s room and imagination, and they are perfect for toddlers and preschool-aged children. With hand wash or gentle wash circle, Confetti the Unicorn is easy to clean when dirty.