Lorena Canals 4 Exciting Collections: The Sea, Hippy Stars, Morocco, and Bereber Have Finally Arrived


Spanish-brand Lorena Canals has once again marked the difference in the field of decorating nursery and kid’s rooms.

Their new collections; The Sea, Hippy Stars, Morocco, and Bereber; offer a variety of attractive and contemporary styles which make them many people’s favorite.

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Available in rugs, cushions, baskets, hanging decor, and blankets, they are all handmade from pure and soft natural cotton, non-toxic dyes, and machine-washable so you need not take them to dry cleaner, protecting your kids and pets against chemicals and saving your time.

The Sea

For kids that love the wonders of the sea, this adorable The Sea collection is a perfect choice. The designs are inspired by various characters of the sea including corals, big fish, and ocean waves that work well in nautical themed rooms.

Isn’t it adorable how these sea décor baskets complement the big fish rug in style? You can say this collection completes the room by visually tying all the different pieces together.

These big fish and coral want to be your kid’s favorite cushions! 

Go a step further with your kid’s room decoration with this ocean wall hanging décor and draw inspiration from the little fishes in the ocean.

Hippy Stars

Who says your little one's nursery room can’t be stylish?

Available in different color and patterns, the Hippy Stars collections have a subtle star design that is ideal for all room color and décor styles.

Giving a bright accent, this aqua blue Hippy Stars rugs, and matching accessories are hand-woven pieces in soft, lustrous cotton.

Available in several colors, this collection fits perfect for your little girl’s room with its adorable, feel and soft look!

With the clean finishes and striking patterns, they still take a beating! They are easy to care for rugs that can stand up to the traffic and be thrown into the washing machine to bring it back looking new again.


The Morocco collection comes with an assortment of colors and patterns inspired by the classic Morocco designs. This can balance both the colorful and contemporary flair in your kid’s room in an elegant and hip fashion.

The bedroom and playroom of these stylish kids are a lesson in good taste! From machine-washable rug, basket and cushion to wall décor and blanket, let these exiting collections transform your home into a wonder plucked straight out of Morocco.

Beautiful in its simplicity, these wall hanging decor adds the minimalist look to your kid’s reading room!

You don’t have to settle for just one cushion; there are several Morocco designs and patterns cushion that can complement your rug and other accessories to spice up your kid’s playroom.

Well, the Morocco collection is not just made for kids’ room and nursery. The natural cotton background paired with vibrant patterns can add unique touches to the living room as well.


The patterns from the Bereber collection provide a new concept for washable rug and accessories! The new colors, including petrol, Klein blue, and vintage nude, are perfect for all season.

Each of the rugs has a different fringes designs and matching accessories that perfectly fit any corner at home.

These hand-knotted Bereber inspired rugs are looking so perfect with the luxurious and exciting style that make your living room extraordinary!

There are multiple shapes and patterns to choose from that stand out for their elegant style and versatility.

This is arguably one of the most stylish and freshest baby nurseries! 

Keeps the feeling harmonious by mixing things up with this aesthetically pleasing wall décor!

Shop newest Lorena Canals machine-washable home décor collection now!