Let's Get Rolling

From now till 19 Jun 2023, enjoy great discount on featured ride-on toys and car-themed collection.

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Globber Riding Toys & Accessories

Save up to 30% on Globber riding toys.

Buy your favorite balance bike, tricycle, or scooters; and enjoy 50% off Globber accessories in a single purchase.

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Baghera Ride-On Cars

Enjoy 12% off the vintage-inspired Baghera ride-on cars and get a HKD100 Petit Bazaar Cash Coupon.

Pull-Push Toys

Your little human wants to get up and go - why not help them along with a push & pull toy? They encourage kids to take their first steps on their own! These push and pull toys will last and last, and some of them have multi-activities to open up your little one’s mind and get the gears turning!

Toy Cars & Play Vehicles

Toy cars and play vehicles add an element of fun to any space. Here, you’ll find many small ones, which work great for children’s tiny hands and double as decorative pieces for parties or kids’ rooms. They spark active play and encourage role-playing and exploration. Get yours in both neutral and solid color options.

Everything on Wheels

Introducing our exciting line of car-themed toys and accessories, perfect for both boys and girls! From playful decor to feeding sets and challenging puzzles, our collection has everything your little car enthusiast could ever dream of. Take your pick!