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SentosphèreSentosphère My Little Bakery

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Children will be able to assemble a small bakery by creating miniature loafs of bread, buns and pastries! Once the treats are ready, you can position and overlay them to set up a very tempting, mouth-watering stall!

Popsine is a new revolutionnary, 100% natural and reusable moulding material, perfect to create wonderful figurines. This subsitute for traditional molding materials, such as plaster, has numerous advantages!

Recommended Age: 7 years+

Playing Time: 45 min

  • Ecological: 100% natural and recyclable
  • Eco friendly: Can be remelted and remoulded
  • Easy to use: Melts in 2-3min in the microwave oven
  • Clean: No need to add water or to touch the melted Popsine
  • Pigmented: Comes in numerous colours that can be mixed to obtain infinite tones.
  • Glossy: Smooth finish

Package Contents:

  • 1 tablet of White Popsine
  • 1 tablet of Biscuit Popsine
  • 1 tablet of Dark Brown Popsine
  • 1 tablet of Pinkish Red Popsine
  • 1 felt pen
  • 1 beaker
  • Presentation boxes
  • 1 mould
  • 1 set of instructions