WWFWWF Cub Club Panu The Panda with Bell

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Size: 22cm

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On average, pandas poo 40 times a day! Recently, they were also removed from the endangered species list, proving that with collective action, we can make a difference!

Did you know that a baby panda is called a cub? Pandas can eat up to 45 kilos of bamboo a day and love to spend most of their time alone climbing trees!

  • Panu the panda in brown measures 22cms/7ins
  • Panu has a bell rattle when you shake it
  • Suitable from birth

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Cub Club collection is made from the finest and softest materials available. WWF plush is the most eco-friendly plush in the world. It complies to the highest quality standards in the industry and is independently tested and for every plush sold a donation is made to your local WWF office to support their conservation efforts.