14 Best Pool and Beach Toys for Kids in 2023

14 Best Pool and Beach Toys for Kids in 2023

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When the weather warms up and the school year winds down, kids start getting antsy for the summer vacation to begin. Instead of spending all their free time on electronics, you can tempt your kids out into the sunshine with fun and innovative beach toys and accessories.

A trip to the beach, an afternoon boating, or some time in the pool are great ways to bond with your kids and let them explore creative fun outdoors.

We have handpicked some of the best pool and beach toys on today’s market to keep kids cool and entertained during those hot summer months.

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Fun Pool Toys & Beach Gear for Water Play

On hot days, splashing in the water can help kids cool off and relax. Whether your destination is the beach or a pool, you want to pack the right beach toys for your kids to stay safe and have a blast.

We’ve found durable swim rings for all ages, dive snorkel sets, an adult-sized inflatable pool, and more. These cool water toys can make time in the water double the fun.

Best Large Inflatable: SUNNYLiFE Luxe Ride-On Float Swan

You can definitely “make a splash” when you ride into the pool on this SUNNYLiFE Luxe Ride-On Swan Float. This oversized pool float has two handles, so you can hold on while you take the swan on a tour of the water. Its high-quality design is durable and can hold up to 100 kg (220 pounds). All the kids will want a turn on this oversized pool float.


Best Inflatable Pool: SUNNYLiFE x Smiley Inflatable Splash Pool

Kids can beat the heat with a popsicle in one hand and their toes in the water. This SUNNYLiFE Inflatable Splash Pool can turn an average backyard into a water wonderland. In the box, the pool may look small. However, after you inflate it, it can fit up to three adults. Its festive pastel color palette gives this pool a tropical vibe. This splash pool is sure to tempt kids to spend more time outdoors in the summer sun.


Best Baby Float: SUNNYLiFE Baby Float Ocean Treasure Rose

This adorable SUNNYLiFE Baby Float Ocean Treasure Rose allows babies to enjoy the wonders of the water next to a parent.

The baby float has support for a little one’s legs and an inflatable cover to shield her from the sun’s rays. A little mermaid tail provides back support so the baby can sit straight while experiencing the water with the rest of the family. You can also choose from different float designs, such as a shark, crab, flower, and sea monster.


Best Dive Snorkel Set: SUNNYLiFE Kids Small Ocean Dive Set

Kids can tap into their inner mermaid or dolphin with this SUNNYLiFE Kids Small Ocean Dive Set. This set includes a crab mask, a blue snorkel, and two flippers. The flippers can grow up to three sizes so a child can use them for several summers. The adjustable mask provides a clear window to see underwater without getting saltwater in the eyes.

This diving set comes in a handy carry bag making it easy to travel. You can find diving buddies to explore with a child underwater.


Best Water Play Sprinkler: SUNNYLiFE Inflatable Mima The Unicorn Giant Sprinkler

What’s better than running through a sprinkler in the dog days of summer? Running through a UNICORN sprinkler! This oversized SUNNYLiFE Inflatable Unicorn Sprinkler is sure to be a hit with your kids (and all the neighborhood friends, as well!)

Inflate the unicorn, fill the base with water for stability, and plug in the garden hose. Then, watch as the unicorn’s horn shoots out a steady stream of water. You can also add a shark, sea creature, and mermaid tail sprinkler to create a full water park in your backyard.


Best Pool Noodle: SUNNYLiFE Kids Inflatable Noodle Sonny The Sea Creature Neon Orange

Kids can tuck a SUNNYLiFE Inflatable Noodle under their arms and enjoy the comfort of a toy swim buddy in the water. This Neon orange sea creature acts like a pool noodle. It’s the perfect size to hold onto to keep your head above water and enjoy the sunshine. However, unlike the average pool noodle, you can deflate this SUNNYLiFE sea creature, so it packs easily into a car.


Best Swim Ring: Petites Pommes Ruby Red Swim Ring

best swim ring

Take a trip down memory lane with the Petites Pommes Striped Swim Ring. This hand-printed swim ring comes in four different sizes and festive colors. The seams are hidden on the inside of the float so they don’t rub sensitive skin.

Each swim ring comes in a reusable organic cotton bag so it is easy to carry to your favorite water spot. Adults, children, and toddlers alike can enjoy floating on the water in these colorful swim rings.


Entertaining Games for the Beach and Pool

As you prepare for a day of water, sand, and sun, you have to pick and choose what fits in the beach bag and car. The sunglasses, sun hatsgoggles and swimming caps are non-negotiables. But, beach toys and games that encourage outdoor activity help your kids make memories that will last.

We’ve found compact toys for the beach and pool that provide maximum entertainment and can still fit easily into a bag.

Best Beach Ball: SUNNYLiFE Inflatable Beach Ball with 3D Shark

Bring a beach ball to the water and you can enjoy a game of beach volleyball with two players or a crowd. This SUNNYLiFE Inflatable Beach Ball will definitely be a conversation starter.

Inside the clear ball is an inflatable 3D Shark. But don’t worry! The shark is safely contained within the ball, and its large googly eyes give you the impression that this goofy sea creature just wants to be friends. As you score points you can enjoy watching the confetti float bounce inside the ball. You and a SUNNYLiFE beach ball can get a party started on the beach.


Best Beach Bats: SUNNYLiFE Beach Bats

The festive SUNNYLiFE Beach Bat Set allows kids and kids-at-heart to enjoy some friendly competition on a sunny day. This set comes with two paddles and two ping-pong balls.

These paddles have friendly pink, teal, and yellow sun faces, or you can choose from five other colorful paddle board designs. A clear case with a zipper closure keeps all the pieces together so you arrive at your destination ready to play. Find a friend and have fun batting the ball back and forth. (Just don’t let it hit the ground!)


Best Sand Toy: Quut Cuppi 3-in-1 Shovel, Sifter, and Ball

Is it a shovel, a sifter, or a game of catch? Actually, this toy is all three in one! Kids can use the Quut Cuppi 3-in-1 Shovel, Sifter, and Ball to play a game of catch on the beach. Or, one of the scoops can be used as a shovel while the other sifts out rocks and shells from the sand.


Enjoyable Sand Toys & Music Player

Some kids head straight for the water, while others prefer playing in the sand with a beach umbrella and beach chair. If your child loves to build castles with sand between his toes, we have the perfect sand toys, buckets and spades to help him get the job done.

We’ve found unbreakable shovels, sandcastle builder sets, a no-spill bucket, and a water-resistant speaker. Your child can make creative sand structures with these unique and satisfying tools.

Best Sand Castle Mold: Quut Alto Lagoon Three-Piece Retractable Sandcastle Builder Set

Whether your child is at a beach resort or a backyard sandbox, he can have fun building castles out of the sand with this Quut Alto Lagoon Sandcastle Builder. The unique, stackable design allows kids to create three distinct tiers at once. Then, the three-piece sandcastle builder retracts, leaving an impressively tall sand tower behind.

This award-winning sand toy makes it easy for even young kids to successfully build creative structures out of sand.


Best Beach Portable Speaker: SUNNYLiFE Beach Sounds

With the SUNNYLiFE Beach Sounds, each day of summer can be a party. This portable speaker is resistant to sand and wind making it a perfect choice for a day on the boat or the beach. Also, its retro design is irresistibly cute!

Use the Bluetooth wireless connection to pair this speaker with your Smartphone or tablet, or use the aux-in audio jack. Add four AA batteries to make it entirely portable. Then, turn up the volume and let your favorite summer tunes play!


Best Beach Shovel: Quut Scoppi Unbreakable Shovel

Digging in the sand can be a relaxing activity for kids. However, they can easily become frustrated when a cheap tool bends or breaks instead of helping. This Quut Scoppi Unbreakable Shovel is sturdily built to withstand tough assignments from a determined little digger.

Small hands can push the handle, and a cut-out at the base allows a foot to help. As the child digs, a detachable sand sifter allows a child to comb through layers of sand to find seashells and clams. Kids can create forts and castle moats or search for buried treasure with this ergonomic and colorful Unbreakable Shovel.


Best Beach Bucket: Quut Ballo No-Spill Bucket

Sloshes and spills are inevitable when small hands carry unwieldy water buckets across the beach. However, the Quut Ballo No-Spill Bucket revolutionizes the game with a bucket that makes spills almost impossible!

The Quut Ballo has a soft finish, an easy-grip rope handle, and a well-balanced, spherical design. This stable bucket is designed with love and care so little kids can trot from the sea to the sand without spilling water on the way.


Wrap up

We handpicked the most unique and entertaining beach and pool toys on the market with your little one in mind. Whether you take your kids to see the ocean this summer or set up the backyard with sand and a sprinkler, you are creating lasting memories. Choosing a few unique, high-quality toys can keep your little ones entertained outdoors and let them live their childhood to the max.

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