8 Toys To Inspire Your Kids To Be More Active & Spark Their Creativity!

8 Toys To Inspire Your Kids To Be More Active & Spark Their Creativity!

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It’s time to start planning activities for our little ones as summer is just around the corner! Playtime doesn't always have to involve screens and gadgets, and we’ve rounded up 8 toys that are great for sparking your child's imagination and creativity while getting them moving and exploring the world around them.

For toddlers looking for a sustainable ride

Kid’s Concept Rocking Scooter

We’re all familiar with rocking horse as a staple toy in the nursery, but have you met a rocking scooter before? Rocking toys are great for your little one to learn how to balance and manage their hand-eye coordination. It also offers plenty of opportunities for open-ended play. Let your little one’s imagination run wild and see what kind of story they come up with as they rock on their wooden scooter!


For toddlers who like to bring their toy car everywhere with them

Candylab Candycar Pretzel

A colourful play car that you can carry around in your pocket wherever you go, we’re sure you won’t be able to resist Candylab’s little pretzel van. Pretend you’re the owner of this pretzel food truck and set up shop in different places! Adorned with the cutest salted pretzel topper, the van is made with solid beech wood and water-based paint.


For toddlers who are just learning how to walk:

Janod Sweet Cocoon Cart with ABC

A classic toy to accompany little ones who are just learning how to walk, this push-along cart from Janod is here to guide your baby’s first steps. It comes with 20 blocks illustrating letters from the alphabet, numbers and basic shapes, as well as 3 abacus rows for counting. Painted with water-based paints, the frame of the cart is made with plywood and the blocks are made with cherry wood.


For toddlers who want an even cooler push-along cart

Kinderfeets Cargo Walker - White

For those who prefer an alternative to the classic push-along cart, Kinderfeets cargo walker might be just what you’re looking for. The versatile walker helps your baby to explore the world on their little feet, while the toy also serves as a storage wagon for their little friends and stuffed animals. Handmade with birch wood sourced sustainably from replenishable source, it comes with adjustable wheels with rubber trims that prevent scratches on the floor. The best part of the walker? It’s how much it allows you to adjust based on your little one’s growth. As your little one grows older and starts walking independently, you can remove the back wheels to increase its movability. You can also tighten the rear axle or loosen it to restrict movement or avoid excess momentum during play. When your baby outgrows their walker, you can remove the wooden rack and use it for pure toy storage.


For little ones who like imaginative play

Maileg Mouse Car with Garage Yellow

A mini car that your little one can take everywhere with them on the go! The set comes in 3 pieces: the wooden “garage” box, the sweetest miniature mouse doll, and a vintage car. Imagine your mousy friend is about to go on a race, or head into the woods for an adventure. It’s the perfect playset for pretend play and it also helps toddlers to develop their social and language skills, while boosting creativity.


For little ones who like to explore the outdoors

Kinderfeets 2-in-1 Tiny Tot Tricycle & Balance Bike - Sage

Is your little one eager to explore the world with their little feet and wheels, but not quite set for a balance bike yet? Kinderfeets Tiny Tot 2—in-1 bike is a great way for toddlers to learn how to balance and work on their hand-eye coordination. It doubles as both a tricycle and a 2-wheel balance bike when your little one is ready to roll. It’s also the smallest balance bike on the market for 12-24 months baby, and the seat height can be adjusted according to your baby’s growth!


For babies who are teething

Oli & Carol Beetle Car Teether

While newborns are too young to learn how to ride on a tricycle, why not start their love for cars young with Oli & Carol’s small beetle car teether? Made with natural rubber from Heavea trees, Oli & Carol’s teether is shaped like a beetle car and it’s soft, easy to grasp for little hands and safe to chew. Teethers are a great way to soothe the baby’s aching gums during their teething period, and it also helps stimulate their senses. It’s also more than just a teether, throw it in the bath tub and let your little one play with it as a bath toy!

The teethers might come in all kinds of colors, but rest assured that it’s hand-painted with natural pigments and its production strictly follows international safety standards.

There’s a reason why Oli and Carol is one of our favourite go-to brands for teethers and toys, the founders care deeply about our planet Earth and strive to produce toys in the most eco-friendly way as possible. That’s why most of their packaging is plastic-free and they only use natural, non-toxic materials to produce their toys.


For toddlers who love to ride in style

Baghera Rider Heritage Bentley

As your little one starts learning how to walk, they’re often excited to go explore wherever their little feet can take them. Why not gift them a beautifully crafted rider that evokes both style, heritage, and functionality? This adorable Baghera Bentley ride-on car is modelled after the Heritage Bentley Car in collaboration with Bentley Motors. Made with quality steel and finished with a leather seat and steering wheel, this ride-on car will last for years to come and delight any Bentley or retro car fans. It also makes a wonderful display piece in any playroom or bedroom.


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